Lee's Bios

Lee's bio:


When you talk with Lee, he'll tell you that he's bringing you The Gold Standard.


Lee is number 10 of 12 siblings.  He truly enjoyed his childhood, and remembers always getting what he wanted most at Christmas.  His father was a very diligent, and hard working man, who gave each one of his children what they desired for Christmas.  Lee is a veteran who served his country for 9 years, and became a Drill Sergeant.  He was a commercial truck driver for 24 years, who taught his skills in the classrooms for part of that time, and is a licensed helicopter pilot. To each occupation, he brought his father's work ethic.  All this is a demonstration of what he brings to the stage, and creates a unique flavor of entertainment as he plays his trumpet, and sings in venues around the country.  


Lee is happiest when he's working with his wife Karen, who also sings, and entertains.

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Karen's Bio

Ask artist Karen Grant how long she's been singing, and she replies, "From the womb!" And she has a lot to sing about.


A New Orleans original, the youngest of six children, Karen was raised by relatives after her mother died when she was 8. Karen turned toward her gift of music. And through the years - slowly, yet with perfect timing - she has taken possession of more and more of her promised land.


Through participation in choirs Karen found like minded people.  It was not until 2001 that the door finally opened wide for her to fully use her gift of song. She started performing solo in local coffeehouses in New Orleans, and surrounding areas of Louisiana. It was through one of those venues that Karen met a very talented musician, Reggie Murray.  Karen wrote lyrics, collaborated with him on music, and the result was her debut CD "Perfect Bliss," released in 2003. Two more CDs followed, “New Creation” and a Christmas CD titled “Always Christmas”. Karen is currently working on a revision of her fourth CD called "Thinking Out Loud". Karen has also studied at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as Southeastern Louisiana University.  It's unique, and  fun, music that everyone likes, and entertainment that promises to be family friendly!  


Now Karen performs with her husband, Lee Anderson at various venues.